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Do I have an infection in my jawbone?

I went to my dentist complaining of severe pain in the left side of my jaw under my molars. After an xray my dentist discovered an abscess. I wanted him to pull the tooth associated with the abscess, but he insisted on saving the tooth. I followed his advice and had the root canal done. He did it himself with no assisiance and it took four visits to complete. He replaced all four canals.
I have had pain in this crowned tooth ever since and it has been nearly a year now. At first he thought the pain was associated with the crown so he shaped it several times until he drilled right through the crown. I have a large whole in the crown but the metal underneith is still there.
I am affraid I may have an infection in my jawbone. My dentist mentioned that I had gaing green (not sure of the spelling) in the abscessed area.
I currently have pain in the left side of my jaw, ear, sinuses, and pressure in my left eye. I am still paying on my $2500 bill for this single root canal and am affraid to return to the same dentist due to the lousy work. At this point I am willing to do whatever it takes to fix the problem no matter the cost or what financial loss I may have to take. I think my best bet would be to have it extracted at this point. Any suggestions? Also, should I try to get my money back from the original procedure?
Thank you for your help!
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