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Drinking alcohol and thrush

I only drink maybe once or twice a month. But when I do, I get drunk and sleep with a pretty good dry mouth. So back in April I went to a bar and got drunk. Next day I noticed a white coating circular on the roof of my mouth. I was able to scrape it, no pain or sores underneath. I did this for about once a day for about 4 days. It went away by itself.  My mouth was real dry for 4 dyas at the time. Fast forward today, my next drinking episode, I had 2 beers, and about 4 wine glasses of lemonade and vodka. Ofcourse all these drinking episodes gave me a really dry mouth. Its back, but now, its in the two places in the back of the mouth, by the upper molars, and in my lower and upper inner lip. More prominent in my bottom  inner lip. The top not so much. Once again, it's able to be scraped of look more like excess inner mucosa tissue. White. Not at all cottage cheese like.  Because of this I ruled out HIV as I got tested twice in the recommended(all negative) window period and the 3 docs here on this site said my exposure, had zero risk( if you want you can ready my posts.) I dont smoke or chew tobacco.
1.) Why do I noticed these episodes after a night of drinking ?
2.) if so does a night of drinking make the mouth more dry and giving thrush more of a better environment to grow?
3.) Can this be an allergy of some sort?
Thanks for taking the time to read this and for all the answers in advance!!!!
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