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Estimated Price and Insurance Advice Needed

I'm only 22. No insurance and no job. I live in a rural area with no means of transportation. I have had weird teeth ever since I was about 8 and would love to get my teeth worked on. I need cleaning; fillings in at least 4 teeth; 2 wisdom teeth pulled (one grew in with a cavity); missing a tooth so need a fake one; and braces to push back teeth, pull together teeth, and spread some apart. I think one tooth has even started spotting brown towards the back. Also where one of the cavities is, it is on the side of a tooth that had already had a filling on the bottom of it and i am scared it might break the tooth. I live far away from real dentists and no car to get anywhere near one. What I wanted to know is, what kind of price should I be expected to hear if I wanted to get all of that done? It would be for the cleaning, pulling, filling, replacing, and braces. Also should I be worried about the brown spot? And my last question is, should I apply towards dental insurance or could New Mexico medicaid cover all the expenses? My teeth never hurt but fillings are necessary as well as braces.
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You may need to contact your local dental society to find out what options are available to you in your area.  Its hard to say as each dentist's fees vary.  You may need to meet several dentists to find the right one for you based upon not just the price/fee quoted but also how comfortable you are with the dentist.  Just because a dentist is cheaper doesn't necessarily mean the skill and treatment provided is the same.  

I'm not sure what New Mexico medicaid will cover.  If its similar to California, I would guess that it won't cover much, if anything.
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Can't believe it's actually a luxury to have dental and medical needs met. Insurance is so expensive and not many can afford it and medicaid is so limited. What's a person to do??? It is cruel to keep proper treatment from patients who can't afford it.

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