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Experiencing pain in lower teeth after having fillings in upper teeth

I had two fillings filled last week on the uppers, opposite side. I am now experiencing a lot of sensitivity to cold, which I expected but pain does last a long time. Also am now experiencing pain in my lower right teeth in a weird way. Sometimes tooth diagonal to the front hurts a little then and then the crown directly below will hurt. Seems like my nerves might be acting up maybe, but I don't know.
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Take ibuprofen and see if it settles down, but if not or if it is getting worse, call the dentist.  Maybe something isn't seating right and needs to be ground down so you don't have pressure points.  
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It sounds like the fillings could be high. It is hard to tell when you are numb. you may just need a simple adjustment. Sometimes the tell hurt from the trauma of the drill. Good luck I hope I was helpful.
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