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Extraction, root canal, ER? extreme swelling on right cheek and eye

After a few days of exhausting dental discomfort I finally got to the dentist and was told I would need a root canal on one of my molars. The initial appointment was two days ago, root canal scheduled for tomorrow. My concern is that the root canal will not effectively eliminate the infection, so I am wondering if i should request extraction to avoid going through this agony and inflammation again (college starts in 20 days, cannot be going through this discomfort and go to class) I have this concern because the entire right side of my is swollen, my cheek is heavy/hard and is HUGE. Everyday so far the swelling has increased, even after i had emergency drainage of my gum this morning. Now my eye socket is swollen, and very red/purple. I am on antibiotics now and have been for two days, infection seems to have gotten worse though.

what should i do? head to the emergency room? wait it out for another 36hours, if so should i get the tooth removed? im concerned they will not even be able to do a root canal because of the extreme swelling.
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