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Extreme pain after filling then root canel

Two saturdays ago, I had three filling on the upper right side of my mouth. I was supposed to have one old silver filling replaced with white. When I was done my dentist told me he had done three fillings right next to each other. A short time are the Novocain wore off I started to feel the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. The pain was so strong I cried several times. By Monday I hadn't slept since Saturday. Over the counter pain medication had on effort. I had to take at least five Motrins to ease the pain. Finally my dentist saw me the following Thursday. He gave me antibiotics and a strong pain killer. He said I need a root canal which he preformed on the first tooth. All was well until the nova canine wore off. The original pain returned as well as the pain from the root canal. Now almost two weeks after the fillings and five days after the root canal. The pain is so strong I've found that I'm taking at least 15 pain killer to deal with the pain a day. I cry and can not brush the upper part of my mouth on the right side. The tooth that the root canal was done on can not be touched, brushed or even make contact with my lower jaw with sending a series of sharp pain across my mouth. I don't know what to do, I tired of being in pain and crying all the time. I can't chew, brush or even sleep because of the pain. So eti see it hurts to even open my mouth. Please help me
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What has your dentist done besides performing the root canal?  Has he made any recommendations to see a specialist?  Or evaluate to see why the tooth is in such extreme pain?

You may want to see a root canal specialist or see an orofacial pain specialist to find out the cause of the pain
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My dentist hasn't done anything other than the root canal. Thank you for responding to my post. I will look into both options.

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