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Extremely strong bad breath

This question is about a family member.
She has suffered from periodontitis for years now and has begun having loose teeth and probably has lost a few of them already. She practices good oral hygiene, and has for as long as I can remember, I don't know how she ended up with periodontitis. Just maybe about 5 months ago, I started noticing a somewhat strong rotten odor around the house, mainly at night in her room. I didn't know if it was just the carpet that smelled that way but i started noticing the smell was coming from her. It got worse, and I also noticed that every time she talks, the odor is stronger, so I assume it's coming from her mouth. Now it's to a point where the entire house smells like this, and all of her belongings smell this way too. It's even hard to be in the same car as her because as soon as she gets in, the entire car smells that way. Could it be related to the periodontitis or could it be something else?
She has no insurance so she refuses to see any doctor/dentist. It's just getting really hard to live with.
Thank you.
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Yes this could definitely be related. Perio breath is horrible. She really should go to a dentist for a deep cleaning and check for cavities....
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Yeah we've tried to get her to go, I've pointed out the smell a few times, subtly, to avoid making her feel bad, and she has this idea that she has "cancer" and that is why she smells that way. She had a history of cancer before but it was taken care of and she just insists that it's back, and she refuses to see a doctor. I really don't think it could be cancer odor, since we're honestly not sure if she ever did have cancer, when she supposedly had it, because there was some fraud issue going on with the doctor who diagnosed her, because she had no symptoms or signs that she had it. So it could have just been that provider trying to milk out money. The odor is getting absolutely unbearable. Hopefully we can convince her to see a dentist. Thanks for the reply!
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