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Far Right Molar

For the last 3 months or so ive noticed my far right molar hurts when i jump or make sudden movements what can be causing this? I have no cavaties that i know of(ive been to the dentist several times within the last six months) and its not due to my recent wisdom tooth extraction since ive had that issue well before i had my upper right wisdom tooth extraction. I like to jump rope as one of my many exercises but i no longer can due to this issue.
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Ive had mulitple x-rays done both regular ones and the full mouth one(where a machine scans around the head) and when i brought it up the dentist said everything is fine and it was probably related to my impacted wisdom tooth. I have an upcoming visist for a cleaning and i will bring it up again hopefully i get a more detailed inspection and answer.
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Did your dentist take an xray of the tooth?  You may have an infection starting at the root.
General inspection would not see this if it's at the root.  It could also be a sinus problem.  

Please make an appt so it can be checked.

My best to you and good luck with the jump rope.  Neat exercise!
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