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Filling Issue

Hello! I'm seeing my dentist on Monday so I'll ask him this but in the meantime, I thought I'd ask here! After a long time without going to the dentist due to a mental issue (agoraphobia), I got a filling done on a cavity that I've had for a while. The cavity was deep, but not so deep that I needed a root canal. My dentist told me it'd be sensitive for a week or so, but to talk to him if it gets worse or if there's any throbbing pain. I understand that because the filling was deep it'd be more sensitive, especially because I waited so long, but along with the filling hurting, I have arm weakness in my right arm, my jaw hurts, and the pain feels like my tooth's being stabbed. Since I mentioned that I have anxiety issues, I'm well aware I could be grinding my teeth, especially at night, but I wanted to ask this anyways: Can tooth pain cause arm weakness? Can fillings cause arm weakness? What could be wrong with my tooth?
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If you're grinding your teeth you can get a sports mouthguard which will help.

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I would not think that you'd have arm issues from  tooth filling. Nerves that get painful are usually going up toward the sinuses. Sometimes the filling is too large for the spot and causes pain. Did you get the filling checked? Did they do a root canal? Root canals today aren't bad at all. If you need it, you need it.  The filling has possibly gone so deep it is touching a nerve. I understand dental phobia, man. It's bad. But if they can give you nitrous oxide, it helps.
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