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Hi, 3 weeks ago I had 4 fillings done, 3 on my left side one on my right. Two the dentist said were deep. I felt fine for a couple of days after but then I started getting this throbbing pain on my left side. It went to my ear and everything I did hurt, brushing my teeth, chewing, hot/cold or nothing at all. I ended up going back a week later and he said it was more than likely the bite being too high so he adjusted all the that and immediately after I felt better...I had no pain when I rinsed my mouth out which was extremely sensitive before. Same thing a couple of days went by and now every now and then I’m in pain again. Nothing like before and no sensitivity to hot and cold just slight throbbing in my mouth and ear. Should I just give it a little more time to see if the pain ends up going away? It’s strange sometimes I have a day and I’m like man I may need to call and then the next day absolutely nothing going on. It will be a week tomorrow from the adjustment.
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Did he drill down near the root . Sometimes they drink a big cavity or root canal and it’s always sensitive. I could write a book ! Also you can get stones in your saliva ducts . People don’t realize that one . Get a cat scan if it keeps hurting . My dentist drilled way down always sensitive .
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