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Foul Taste and smell after wisdom teeth removed

I recently had all four wisdom teeth removed and it has been two weeks and a day since the extraction. I was told 2 of my teeth were severely impacted and caused some trouble but all in all the extractions went well. A week after I had gotten them out I began noticing an extremely foul taste coming from the upper right socket. I thought this might just be a bad taste from it healing but it has not gone away. I went back into the Doctor a week later (2 weeks after the initial extraction) and my oral surgeon said there was not an infection and it just needs to run its course and to contact him in 2 weeks if it hasn't gone away. Though I trust his professional opinion something is not right. I cannot breath in without smelling it and then tasting this AWFUL metallic-barnyard taste. It has been 2 days since I saw him and there has not been any change in the severity of it and my mucus is green which generally I know means infection. I also had issues when I was rinsing my mouth. On more than one occasion when I was rinsing with the prescribed mouth wash, it came out my nose. Not only did it burn but I could not get the foul smell out of my nose for at least 30 mins. Its going on 2.5 weeks now and I am still not seeing any change. I taste and smell this foulness all day long to the point where it's causing me to not have an appetite. I constantly have a piece of gum in my mouth and am terrified of other people smelling my breath. I took the antibiotics I was prescribed 3 times a day for a week immediately after the extraction but I am currently not on anything. Is this a sinus infection that is draining into my mouth, or is it something more?

PLEASE help, I cannot take another 2 weeks of this!
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