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Four odd lesions on side of my tongue (picture)

Starting about a week ago, I developed some very odd spots (lesions perhaps?) on the left side of my tongue. There are four of them. You can see them in the picture. They are not raised, are not painless, not hard, and seem to almost disappear during the middle of the day, as strange as that may sound. They are much more pronounced during the morning and evening. During the day the "spots" are still there, but they are almost the color of my tongue so they are harder to see. I wonder if this could be indicative of tongue cancer? Would tongue cancer present this way (acutely, disappearing for hours at a time)? Any opinions on what this could be? By the way, last week I ate three entire cans of Salt and Vinegar chips during a three night span. Could there be a correlation? Thanks!
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It doesn't take much to irritate your tongue, and any type of mouth sores take time to heal.  Get some milk-of-magnesia and coat this area of your tongue a couple of times a day with it, this will protect them from further irritation and make it easier to eat.  Don't eat foods that may irritate them even more. Give them another week and if you feel they are no better, see your dentist.  They look like ulcers to me, which can be caused by various virus', and heal on their own.
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Do you sleep mostly on your left side?  or you sleep on your belly and your head turned to the right?
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mammo, do you really know what causes that? in the case of lastkiss, i am not to worried,  unless he has been having these for many years, and he just noticed them.  He didn't answer  my questions, so I cannot be 100% sure  yet.
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