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Fractured root on tooth with root canal

I recently had an abscess on my molar that had a root canal procedure many years ago.  The infection was treated and so I went to the dentist again and had a 3D x ray taken and it showed the root on my molar with the root canal was fractured.  It was recommended that the root canal tooth be extracted and that I get a dental implant.  I just want piece of mind that this is a good idea as I am scared to death about these procedures.  Since my last visit, my tooth doesn't hurt, I am wondering if putting off this procedure will have any negative impacts ie make it worse in the long run.  If I do need the dental implant, I don't really understand the healing time and even how long it will take to get the tooth extracted then wait and heal and get the dental implant.  I kind of want to understand what to expect before I am in the chair.  I know I should be asking my dentist this info and am sure he would explain but I am the type of person that would like to think about everything first and then go fix rather than jump right in or feel pressured.  
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A dental examination is necessary for accurate diagnosis and management of your condition. A tooth operated for root canal becomes very weak and fragile and fractures are common. A serious fracture that exposes both the dentin and the pulp tissue should be treated promptly. If the tooth cannot be saved extraction may be necessary. Death of pulp tissue can lead to serious tooth infection and abscess. Dental implants preserve bone since they function like tooth roots. The implants should be completely embedded in the bone. The bones must bond to the implants; this whole process takes place between 3 to 9 months on an average. The overall time required depends on number of factors involved like patient’s dental health, which teeth are to be replaced etc.Clarify your concerns with your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
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