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Freaking out....please respond...front tooth! !!

2 and a half weeks ago I tripped ad hit my upper mouth, lip tooth  etc..on the upholstered ottoman. Swelling went down in lip, teeth not loose and no pain....HOWEVER....I cannot bite down on one of my front teeth, feels weird and sensitive. Went to my dentist who I found out at the time no longer takes my insurance. ...but he did a,quick x-ray and didn't see any root damage. But now almost 3 weeks later I still have to chew on the side of my mouth. I'm terrified I will need a root canal or crown. Do you think it's "normal " to still not, be able to bite down on? TIA!!!!!!#
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I know it's hard not to worry, but i think you need to give it more time. It sometimes takes the body a long time to heal, including your tooth. Get used to cutting up your food always and chewing with your molars so you don't do any more damage and can heal as quickly as possible without doing any more damage. Give it six months, and plan to revisit the topic with your dentist or another dentist.

Your "jawbone and underlying dental tissue may have been injured because they absorbed some of the force"   http://www.health.harvard.edu/diseases-and-conditions/when-teeth-get-damaged

Happy Trails. NH

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