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I'm 25 I have no insurance and just the last 6 months my teeth have been breaking off and acting up i did go see a dentist to get 2 teeth removed, But now my the gum on my lower teeth i can actually move and pull away from the teeth. Am I worrying to much? because remind you I bleach my teeth and i have calcium deposits on the gums.
I circled where i can move the gum/
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Whatever you do, DON'T pull on the gum.  If it is detached from the tooth it has formed a dental pocket and will probably recede away from the tooth.  Pulling it will cause even more receding and eventual bone loss.  

You need to get to a periodontist for an through evaluation and cleaning.  This is the only way to prevent the pockets from becoming deeper and eventual tooth loss.

Good luck.  Please don't delay making that appt.

Best to you,
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You are not worrying to much-this is something you have to take care of ASAP.  I've had gum surgery and my gums bleed daily (sometimes without brushing) and I'm going to make a dentist appointment tomorrow.  I have a friend who had to remove all his teeth and get fake ones in....painful and expensive.  the longer you wait-the more money you'll be dishing out.  
Get to a periodontist ASAP-at least that's my suggestion.
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