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Geographic tongue

Hello everyone I have some questions that none seems to be able answear...i've been sufering from geographic tongue (bald patches on surface of tongue) my main concern is: I don't know if these patches are like open windows for other infections to go in like cuts or open sores I don't want to put my self at risk for any other diseases specialy during oral sex...thank u so much for taking the time to read my posts
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Geographic tongue has no real secondary issues.  However, when talking about oral sex, your mouth is one big open wound.  The tissues in the mouth have the best absorption in the body.  Blood and other fluids get into the body extremely quickly through the mouth, nothing will protect you from that.
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I've been trying to find other people with geographic tongue, lately no luck. If you are still reading this thread, does your geographic tongue brush off when you use a toothbrush or tongue brush on it? I got the fungal swab by a doc who said mine isn't thrush/candida, and that it looks like geographic tongue. I just want to confirm with someone else that theirs brushes off too.

Also, that comment up there about the mouth being a big open wound... nuh uh, keep in mind that the mouth and the nose are the first line of defense for the body. Mucus neutralizes a lot of things. As well, your mouth is the start of your digestive system, it gets to work fast and dissolves things that enter it very quick.
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