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Great Assistance for Neuralgic Pain after extraction

Its in the wrong area, but I really have to go out to shop.  I came across a forum where many patients suffered from distress from neuralgia and numbness following extraction of wisdom teeth.  I've never had problems before, and it became obvious from the posts that there were deep injections.

My dentist was young, and there were no deep injections that I was aware of, but numerous (around 12) shallow injections. I have a small mouth.  I suffered from same side headache that was localised by some nerve, in that I could rub it. I couldn't open my mouth far enough to bite, but rather had to slide food in, and both upper and lower jaws in the area were very much in "spasm" from the feel.

Having thought about it all and reading the posts, and noticing how easily and quickly pain went upon something as simple as Panadol x 2, but which required continuous boosting, I tackled this spasm part by exercising via stretching of the jaw downwards as often as I remembered. If I forgot in the morning, I was required to do this stretching in the restaurant before I ate (oh social life, how funny!!) taking the next bite.  Its working, its wonderful, the headaches went immeditely I started this anti spasm technique so I hope this info. can be helpful to others. Wish I could find the forum, some were in need two years after extraction!! or more
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