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Gum Disease/Inflamation in cheek area

About 2 months ago I was picking my gumbs with a tooth pick which Im assuming was dirty.The following day my gumbs were irritated and my cheek got swollen.I went to a Walgreens clinic (being that Im a college student with no insurance or $) They gave me some anti-biotics and some steroids to bring down the swelling.After taking some pills the swelling went down and so did the irritation.However I did not finish taking the rest of the medicine the way I was told to do.About 2 weeks later I started getting the same pain in my gumbs and the same thing happend again.My cheek got swollen andI went back to the same Walgreens pharmacy and they almost did not want to see me.They stated that I needed to see a real docotor and were not able to subcribe me any more medicine.However they ended up seeing me and gave me the same medicine.I finished taking the medicine and I feel much better.However Im not sure if it is me being paranoid, but I still feel my cheek to be have some what of swolleness to it.I am out of medicine and I just wanna make sure I take care of it Correctly.My main concern is being that I dont have insurance or money do I see a Docotor or a Dentist? If I have to pay out my pocket I will but I just wanna make sure I go to the right place where I can be treated and not sent else where.Please help me out.Thank you.
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It sounds like a periodontal abscess, hence you need a dentist.
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Hi, I have a problem with my jaw/left face. I experience this almost 1 year and I already go to dentist and doctor as well. I did xray but its negative also. I took branded medicine for swollen jaw I also took mifenamic for the pain. I was wondering why every month I have this problem.
I also go to dental and 2 damage tooth was taken. And I was expecting that It made me better and still right now my jaw and sometimes my face near my ear is swollen and its so painful..pls help me what to do...
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