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Gum Recession & Wisdom Teeth

I am a 21-year-old female between university and grad school. In late May or early June, my top-left wisdom tooth started to grow out. I began to notice a shift in my teeth. They were already crowded before, and the wisdom tooth was not doing it any favors. My two front teeth were getting pushed in front of my other teeth, and on my whole left side my teeth seemed to grow larger and more uneven. The teeth on my right side are still as they were. I consulted a dentist and he said that it's better to get all four wisdom teeth removed at once, and there's no way I would be able to afford that without insurance, which I will get through my school in September. We decided it would be best for me to wait until I went to grad school to get the procedure done.

I have slightly receded gum lines due to having an excessive overbite and overjet. However, due to my two front teeth getting pushed out of alignment (I would gander), the gum line on those teeth are receding even more. Today, one of those teeth/gums started to feel painful and is really bothering me.

I have an appointment scheduled for September 2nd for a wisdom tooth removal consultation as well as an invisalign consultation.

How fast does gum recession usually happen? Will I be in pain the entire month?
How fast can teeth move out of alignment?
Basically, what can happen in a month? Being a 21-year-old female, I am very concerned about my appearance.
I have read that gum recession will repair itself after the underlying cause is eliminated - is this true? How long would that take?
Would it be wise to wait for more than an entire month to get dental treatment at this point? I can ask my parents to cover me if necessary, but I'd prefer not to, and I can also get x-rays and my wisdom teeth removed for free with my insurance.
Is there anything I can do now?

Thanks for your time.
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There is no evidence to show that third molars (wisdom teeth) push your front teeth out of line.  Generally these disruptions to alignment of teeth are due to all types of forces in the mouth from the muscles such as your cheeks, tongue, etc.

In fact, people have their lower front incisor teeth misalign in adulthood even without any wisdom teeth present.  Its not well understood (to my knowledge) why this occurs.  Perhaps your orthodontist can explain or provide you with the current theory as to why this happens.

I can't really determine how fast your gums are receding.  If your gums are healthy and the only reason why they are receding is due to the tooth movement, they should return back to their original position if you re-position the teeth.  If you have any pathology in the area (such as bad gum/bone disease), it may not return.

Generally if the teeth are displaced out of the bone, the bone will recede and the gums will follow.  If the tooth is moved back, the bone should return and the gum should follow.  If the bone is damaged due to tartar/plaque build up, then sometimes the gums do not fill back in.

I don't see why you would not start the invisalign treatment right away.  You can wear the trays that are given to begin to move (or at least hold) the teeth.  Meanwhile, you can wait for your insurance to start and remove your wisdom teeth.  If you feel that your insurance company will pay for both, I can understand financially why you would want to wait.

I would imagine that your teeth won't be moving too much in the next month or so though so if it financially makes sense to wait, you can wait.  I don't expect that delaying your invisalign or wisdom teeth would affect much.

As for the increased sensitivity, I would try to use some over the counter sensitivity toothpaste such as Sensodyne.  Unfortunately, sometimes these toothpastes can take up to a month to get results which is about the time you start treatment.  If you want, you can also contact your dentist to have him apply some desensitizing agents to the area as well, but again, there may be a charge.

And how long would it take for your gums to unrecede.  I don't know for sure but I'm sure once your invisaligns are in place and moving the teeth back into position, you should start to get some gum replacement.

I hope I answered all your questions.  

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