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Gum graft smell & pain 5 days after surgery

I have had a gum graft taking donor tissue from the palate area placed on the lower gum line front tooth.  It has been 5 days since surgery.

I am having pain along all teeth next to the palate area that was used for donor tissue.

The other thing is the smell coming from the graft site (where tissue was placed to correct gum line). There is no putty bandage as most people describe as having.  The only way I can describe this smell is as that of rotting meat - and, well, some of it looks like it.  While it doesn't hurt or appear inflamed or infected, this is terribly gross. I'm scared to talk to people thinking they can smell or see this.

Is the pain as described and smell normal in the first healing phases?
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I am currently having exactly the same problem. What was the outcome in your case?
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