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Gum growing over back tooth

To start off: I DO NOT HAVE ANY WISDOM TEETH. I had them removed when I was 17. I had oral surgery where they cut the wisdom teeth out before they ever broke the surface. So, please don't tell me this is my wisdom teeth coming in because it is not.

That being said, I need help. My gum on the back left side of my mouth is growing over my tooth, and it hurts a lot. I brush back there twice daily and floss under the sore gum, but it still hurts. My tooth itself doesn't seem to be rotting, just all of a sudden my gum is growing over the top of it. The flesh is really sore and is white some times. It is also very loose (I can pull it the flap away from the tooth). Please see the picture for more details.*

I've looked all over the internet, but haven't found anything. I would go to a dentist, but I'm 22, unemployed, with no health insurance. Can you give me any advice as to what it might be or how to correct it with at-home techniques. It's been bothering me for over a week now. :(

Thank you!!!

*The dark stuff in my tooth in the picture is an old silver filling. :)
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I have had this issue for a few months now (about 6). I actually been to two different dentists and it is still not going away. The first dentist simply looked at it and then prescribed a blue mouthwash. The second dentist also gave me a different mouthwash and did a deep gym cleaning (which was beyond painful).. Guess what though..Help!!!
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i have the same problem....now wisdom teeth and the exact same gum thing! i was really nervous, but I went to my dentist this morning and he said it is possible that the gum was already irritated becuase my back teeth are slightly crooked(even though I have had braces), and that I must have bumped the gum while chewing something I was eating. This caused it to swell up, coming over the tooth like yours, and cause pain. He told me to put orajel on it for a while and call him in 2 weeks if it hasn't gone down by then. It has already been like this for a week. He said if it is still bad in two weeks that he will need to remove that section of my gums. Then, in the future if it happens again and again, I will need braces again to straighten those back teeth out so they wont be irritating.

Also, you may have straight back teeth, I thought mine were too, but my dentists says that they are slightly crook-ed (idk how to spell it) enough to irritate my gum like this!

Hope this helped!
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