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Gum infection? should i get a operculectomy?

Okay so I have a gum infection around my wisdom tooth, pericoronitis. i've been on antibiotics, amoxicillin for 3 days now and not much has changed. my throat is starting to hurt so im scared the infection is spreading. i dont have dental insurance so i dont want to remove the tooth unless its the last resort. I want to get a operculectomy to remove the gums and hopefully it'll solve the infection. if it comes back, then i will really consider getting the tooth out. my question is, how much typically do you think it would be? the tooth is impacted i think and i live in southern calirfornia. and is it safe to remove the gum flap if its still infected? also, how much do you think it would cost to remove just one wisdom tooth?
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Hi there,
The exact treatment for your condition can be advised only after a complete dental examination. Pericoronitis can resolve on its own in around ten days to two weeks. However, if the source of the infection is not removed, the problem can continue. It is possible after operculectomy that the operculum may grow back and the procedure may need to be repeated. If the wisdom tooth is easy to remove and is non-functional, then immediate removal of that tooth often dramatically relieves the pain from the area. Antibiotics is only a temporary resolution for the problem .It is advisable to consult a dentist for appropriate management of your condition. I hope you find this information useful.
Best wishes and regards!
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Thanks for your response! Right now, i'm almost finished with my antibiotics and all of the symptoms of my infections seems to went away. If I dont get my tooth out and take good care of it, is it possible that the tooth can grow out on its own? If it does, I dont have to worry about getting pericoronitis again.
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