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Hard Lump Lower Jaw

I have a hard lump (teeth hard) growing out of my bottom jaw.  It's located on the outer side of my lower right side jaw below and between my two back molar teeth.  It's pea sized and grew from barely noticeable to full size in 2 days.  It doesn't move around freely and feels like it's attached to my jaw bone.  I had my wisdom tooth removed from that location about a year ago because it impacted my other tooth.  I've read a little about tori but I'm not really sure at this point.  It doesn't hurt either, just feels uncomfortable when I put pressure on it.
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Seeing a dentist is advised.
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Okay, so I found out that it was an early stage abscess.  I've had the first stage root canal done.  Meaning the dentist just drilled out the pulp and filled it with temp filling.  He said my abscess should go away by itself.  It's been a week and the abscess has not gone down at all.  Should I be worried?  I have another appointment in a few days.

Just wondering since my dentist doesn't seem to like telling me things.  And he doesn't seem to really care for that matter.  What should I tell my dentist?  Should I proceed with the final stage of root canal?  If he tells me it's okay to proceed that is.
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