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Has Anyone Heard of This Company or Service

I had recently enrolled with this Company call Ameriplan from a referral dentalhealthsavings.blogspot.com .. As anyone, I hesitated at first....I registered and everything seems good so far as far as the prices and membership ID. But, I will use it for the 1st time in a few days for a root canal and expecting some good savings on the services. Just curious to know if Anyone else has had some experience with them as well. According to my member ship I also have Vision, Rx and Chiro at no extra cost as well which leads me to my post today. Hope to hear from people before I go to my appointment...I will  update as well on my experience with them if not. Thanks.
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I'm not as familiar with Ameriplan but it sounds like a discount plan to me.  Essentially you pay Ameriplan to get access to their network of dentists.  These dentists, in turn, agree to charge you a preset reduced fee from what is defined as usual, customary or reasonable.  What those fees are, I'm not sure.  But my assumption is that it is reduced.  But Ameriplan does not pay for any of your care.  You will essentially be paying 100% of your costs but at a reduced rate.  

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I agree with Dr. Tsang.  This is a discount plan, not dental insurance.  Unfortunately many dentists choose not to participate in it.
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