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Has anyone heard of bone swelling after having a root canal?

Had root canal last Thurs and by Sat I was in extreme pain and with swelling to lower jaw & lump on inside of cheek & gums. I was given Amox. I have been taking Amox for 3 days & NSAID. Get HA, tired/dizzy off/on. Endodontist saw me today told me the lump was actually bone swelling not soft tissue but not to worry. Has anyone heard about this condition? Is it due to too much injected anesthesia or is it an immune response or the infection? Please advise thank you.
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Bone is hard tissue, it can’t swell up, if it does , we call cortical expansion ,which is a slow process, mainly caused by central neoplasm.
So myeendodontist lied to me then what is this boney lump that formed under cheek off of my jaw near the root canalled tooth? Who should I ask about it my regular doctor or my dentist?
I don’t think your endodontist lied to you. Maybe he or she was using a verbal language which is easier for a lay person to comprehend.my language is academic or formal .  
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This situation is very rare to happen. But normally I prefer getting treatment from experienced dentist and specialized as well. Since they have a rich experience of treating patients from a very long time & hence I always prefer my dental care by Dr. Arash Hakhamian. when I had my root canal and during the procedure I felt almost no pain. To know more about this doctor you can visit here at https://www.dash.dental
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According to the American Association of Endodontists, the perception of root canals being painful began decades ago when root canal treatments were painful. Today, with modern technology and better anesthetics, root canal treatments are no more painful than having a filling. Knowing what to expect while having a root canal can help ease a lot of anxiety.
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