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Help , amalgam debris swallowed during dental restoration

I had a crack tooth and the dentist recommended composite filling, somehow or rather she was getting impatient with me because i had a blocked nose and a gag reflex as the nurse did not did a good job with the suction , when drilling water sprayed went to my throat and gagged me as the nurse did not place the suction to my mouth and i had to rinsed my mouth a few times .this is the first time i experience this after previous fillings was not that bad .
then  she applied some gel to my teeth and it was very salty and i had to rinse my mouth . she was getting impatient .
she recommended me amalgam instead of composite claiming that it amalgam as it is more lasting for molars and also faster for her to fill my teeth,I then agreed during the process she put me on the teeth clamp and started putting the amalgam filling , some of the small bits went out of the filling and landed around my gums and tongue was very uncomfortable ,  and I requested the Dentist to let me rinse  she did not allowed it as she said it will soften the filling and she can only allow me to rinse after the teeth clamp is taken off.she could have used the vacuum or suction to remove the debris instead she asking me to swallow my saliva instead the assistant was nowhere in sight  . i was getting worried as i cant speak due to the clamp in my mouth and I had a gag reflex and I had to swallow my salive in spite of the tiny metal debris in my mouth and I believed i swallowed tiny bits of the metal filling. Is it the normal that she could not allow me to rinse before the clamp is taken out and is it dangerous to swallow some of this metal mercury fillings? I wonder why she could not use a vacuum to take away the debris as a preventative measure and even told me that I did not swallow any debris as she was watching it
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Accidental swallowing of minute amalgam debris causes no harm to your body, no need to worry.
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