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Horrible TEETHache!

I went to the Dentist about 3 months ago, I was curious about braces because I wanted a few teeth straightened up. I've never, not once had a pain in any teeth before visiting this Dentist. I went, the Hygenist told me I need 4 fillings, I show up and the Dentist gives me 9 fillings! If you ask me, it was just to milk every penny they could from my insurance and myself.

So I received all the fillings and 3 weeks later I still had constant pain, I went back and he said it will go away.. Well it hasn't, this is now 3 full months of pain, 24/7, no matter if I eat something solid or liquid, hot or cold, it pains. If I'm watching tv and just sitting there, it pains. It's driving me insane, never had a pain like this.

Does this story relate to anyone? Anyone have any idea of what I could do? I would go to a new dentist but since my insurance is drained for this year I have to wait until January.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
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