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How do i know if my Abscess Tooth is causing tension in my head?

I Had a big filling from a cavity on a back bottom tooth and a small piece of my tooth chipped off a about 6 months ago.. Nothing seemed to be different but i was feeling sensitivity again from cold water. I didnt even think about it getting infected.. So about a month ago i started getting head aches every night which was unusual .. then it felt like i had an ear ache which i had never experienced before... then after that for 2 or 3 days i was in terrible terrible shape the pain was unbearable !!! so im pretty sure i had an Abscess tooth.. i was in soooo much pain after eating for hours at a time and happened a few times a day.. i couldnt take it!! i couldnt sleep and had to keep an ice pack on my head to help numb the pain..

So i went to the dentist and he got the "bad root" out and i got antibiotics i took for a week.. its been about 2 weeks or so now and i feel some what normal.. but i am getting slight tension on my head.. same side as my tooth.. its not causing me any pain but its just an awkward feeling like its not 100% right..

Has the infection not been cured fully and moved to my head??? i want to make sure im not waiting to fix this if its something that can cause serious damage! I also had a root canal done on that tooth a week ago if that makes any difference!  im trying not to worry about it.. but i find myself rubbing my head lately .. usually on the very top or on the temple on the side of the bad tooth. Thank you so much!
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Dental treatment and also complication of infection can lead to prolonged pain and inflammation. There can be referred pain or discomfort in the jaw bone or higher in the head. Although it is not possible for the infection to move to your head, you should consult your Doctor for a check up.
Hope this helps.
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