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How much $$$ is too much $$$???

Hi, I have problems with my teeth. I am missing about 8 of my teeth. I also have problems such as discoloration of my teeth, chips in some of the front teeth which need to be corrected, and a few other problems as well.
I went to a cosmetic dentist in my area who is very well known, and has won a few awards for his outstanding work in cosmetic dentistry. I have seen lots, and lots of before/after pics, and this guy is most definitely talented when it comes to restoring a persons smile. So, he is really good at what he does.
I know that I did not provide a lot of information about my dental problems, but I don't know exactly what all of them are, and I only can take a guess at what I need done in terms of deltal work, and that includes:
- Several implants
- Veneers on 8 or more teeth
- Bonding (maybe?)
- A few extractions
- Maybe a few cavities that need to be filled
- A few crowns - maybe 3 or 4??
To make a long story short, LOL, I went to see this dentist and he checked my teeth out, then came the moment I was waiting for: How much is this going to cost??? Well, he gave me a range of the cost. The lowest cost solution included either dentures, or partials. The highest cost represents a full mouth restoration. Anyway, the range that I was quoted was between $7,000 and $95,000. There are no typos in that cost range, BTW!!! My question is this: Has anybody ever heard of someone having, or needing NINETY FIVE THOUSAND dollars worth of dental work??? Or even close to that amount? Maybe more than that? I ask this simply because I have NEVER heard of such a high cost for dental work in my entire life. So, do I need to find another dentist? Or could that price be realistic based on the limited information that I was able to provide? Either way, I cannot afford $95,000 for dental work, not in this lifetime anyway. I don't think that I could swing even $50,000. $30,000 - maybe? But probably no higher than that. Is there a chance that I could get high quality cosmetic dental work done in another country? If so, then where would I look for it?
Any help/ideas/suggestions would be extremely appreciated. I am really stuck because I honestly don't know what to do next. I do not want dentures, but I don't want to spend a fortune either.
Thank you in advance!
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my dentist would charge in the neighborhood of 20,000 to 30,000 for these procedures.
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