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How to choose the best toothbrush for yourself?

It is a bit difficult for people to choose a right toothbrush for themselves as there are so many choices. Different trademarks, different designs, different styles, different levels of price and so on. Also, you'll come across toothbrushes with just about every imaginable variation: tapered heads, boxy heads, angled heads, neon handles, handles with bending rubber, handles with your kid's favorite cartoon character, etc. How to choose the best for you?
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I agree that it is indeed difficult to choose toothbrushes, especially if you're looking to address a specific problem you may have with dental hygiene. For example, I personally was looking for a toothbrush that would significantly reduce the amount of plaque on my teeth so that it would cut down on the amount of effort and time I would have to spend on flossing. On recommendation from a friend, I recently started using this toothbrush called the "Ionic ProClean" toothbrush. It looks a lot like an ordinary toothbrush, but it's different in that it reverses the polarity of your enamel so that plaque is repelled from your teeth. I was skeptical at first, but I have definitely seen a reduction in the amount of plaque on my teeth to the point that my teeth feel quite literally squeaky clean! That being said, I would recommend the toothbrush to people as another option when considering acquisition of the best toothbrush.
Refer to: http://ionicproclean.com/
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