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I can't chew solid food

About a year ago I went to the dentist for a cleaning, they found a tooth with a cracked filling. The dentist that it would be a close call, i'd either need a filling or root canal, I went in and the dentist filled the tooth, he did note that the decay was deep, but he was able to fill it & i was due back in 2 weeks for the crown, which i was told would be a quick painless appt. The assitant put the crown in & out of my mouth at least 5 times or more, each time it hurt more and more and was sensitive (i.e.like cold water touching it), i told her it hurt, she said that's normal. The dentist came in and said that the crown didn't fit properly & ordered another made. Well another was made, and since then (april of 2011) i ahve been in constant pain, i just had the root canal done at the beginning of last month and i still feel the same pain i have been feeling since that one appoint. I had no previous problems with this tooth?! What is wrong with me, i' haven't chewed solid food in a week now :( I'm getting married in 80 days and i'm miserable. Can someone please help me :(
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