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I have been referred to Endodontist for Root Canal

I'm a 48 year old in good health with regular dental visits and good brushing habits.

A molar (upper, 2nd from back of mouth) gave me some pain this weekend while drinking coffee.
I saw my dentist this morning and he prescribed a course of penicillin.
There was no obvious outward signs of infection and an x-ray barely showed decay or abscess and just at the tip.
This molar has amalgam fillings.  
I'm scheduled for a cleaning and X-rays in November.

I would, due to no insurance and little money coming in at this time,
to watch and wait, then and follow up with an inspection of the tooth again in six months.

It is my understanding that a root canal too, has its own list of risks and side effects.

Is there any "Best Practice" of monitoring such a tooth, if a patient is currently unable to afford a procedure?

Thanks for any information you may be able to provide.

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There isn't any best way to monitor a tooth besides following up on the recommended 6 months of periodic checkups.  You will just have to keep an eye on it yourself and if you notice any changes or symptoms in that tooth, you should go back to your dentist to have it re-evaluated to determine the necessary treatment at the time.
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