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I think I dislodged my blood clot 5-6hrs after surgery.


I had a wisdom tooth removed.  At about 5 or 6hrs after surgery I felt a lot of blood.  So I spat out and I saw a ball o’ blood.  I’m sure that’s a blood clot.

Anyway.  That was Thursday, and today is Monday night.  I’ve had on and off pain but nothing major.  I take ibuprofen.  

Sometimes the pain is localized and sometimes I feel my cheek hurting too.  

My wife took a look back there and saw no redness, and nothing alarming.  I had stitches  put in and they’re still there.


Can I form a blood clot immediately after dislodging the initial one?

Am I past the point in which I should be concerned with dry socketing?

Do you guys have any stories, experience, or anything that might be of some use to me?

Thank You!

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