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IV sedation...will it work?

I have a surgery coming up for three third molars impacted in my mouth.  They are completely unnoticeable to the naked eye and only showed up when I had x rays done.  My fiance is in dental school and I'm a bit worried about having the procedure done.  He will be doing one of the teeth, with the constant watch of another surgeon and anesthesiologist.  My question is this. I am EXTREMELY afraid and have no idea what to expect.  He said they'll do IV sedation and that I won't feel anything.......?? It seems impossible to cut into someones gums and not feel anything doesn't it.? I love him and don't want him to think that I don't trust him..but the fact is that he's a dental "student" and may not be aware of things that may happen??? or am I being paranoid? Please, any advice would be great.  Thanks so much.
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It is completely normal to be nervous at this point.. but lets get some facts straight.. First you have to understand the underlying reason for the extraction. Every surgery has inherent risks involved.. so make sure you understand why they need to come out.
Second, the IV sedation is not what makes you not feel the proceedure, it is the same local anesthetic that, when done correctly will assure you will not feel any pain. I am sure they can handle that. Where IV sedation comes into the picture is exactly for patients like yourself that is very apprehensive. You can basically sleep or be in twilight while they do their work. This is  good because the worst part of the proceedure is you seeing all the tools and hearig  all the noise, and the memory of it later.. IV sedation will make sure you won't have that awareness and later the memory so its all good.
I highly recommend it for these procedure.  Good luck.
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