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I'll fitting bridge

I went to see my dentist to see about getting a new flipper since my old one broke and the teeth one either side of the fake one had gone bad, one fell out and one he had to remove. I was talked into getting a bridge and have been unhappy ever since. the first bridge did not look right so he said he was going to use temporary glue to let me see how I liked it, but they forgot to add the petroleum jelly and it would not come out. The bridge was too bulky on one side the bite was off the teeth were too small and I just really didn't like it, he was not happy about cutting it out claiming that cutting it out was going to cause him  to get charged double to have a new one made. He cut it out and it was obvious he was not happy , when he gave me the shot he pushed the needle in so far that the area around it hurt for over 3 weeks, this did not happen the first time he worked one me, he also drilled my teeth again so far down that the nerves are now exposed and hurt badly. by the time my new bridge came in I tried to see how it would look but it is so wide it would not stay in my mouth and  I was in so much pain I didn't care what he did as long as it stopped. The new bridge which has been permanently glued in, looks kinda OK but I am still in a ton of pain, I can not floss or use mouth wash due to the pain. The bridge has also settled and now the teeth are more exposed so that everything I eat or drink send shock waves through my mouth. I was told by my dentist, before he glued the bridge in, I better like it because he was not cutting another one out. I talked to him when my daughter had her teeth worked on and told him about the pain and that I also had excessive saliva that was causing me to swallow too much and I was gulping air as I did, causing irritation to the polyps in my stomach which caused the stomach to swell and was pushing on my hernia according to my Dr. all I got told back was well she is not a dentist and he had never had a patient complain of excessive saliva and the pain should go away in a few months. Well its been a few months and I am in pain every day all day. after doing some research it seem that one, he should have taken pictures of my mouth before he did anything, he didn't, I was not even asked the first time what I wanted the bridge to look like, the second time I was given pictures of different types. Next the new bridge was so big and he seen that, and he should have know better than to glue such an ill fitting bridge in. my insurance is not going to cover another dentist, I may have to have root canals which I feel I should not have to go through first of all nor have to pay for since there was nothing wrong with these teeth to begin with. I know this in long and there is a lot going on but I honestly do not know what to do at this point.
thank you
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this sounds to me like you have ben to the worst dentist in the world. if so report him. but a voice inside my head says this sounds too much  like a screen script in one of the nerve racking comedies where things keep getting worse for the star as the movie goes on. giving you the benefit of a doubt. see another dentist and tell him what happened or a dental board who after examining your dental work can call the dentist in front of the board or in extreme cases yank his licence
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thank you for writing.. I really wish this were a movie, but it is all real, there is more that has happened I just wrote the highlights. I didn't add the 4 times i made appts , sat for over an hour waiting only to go back and have him tell me either they booked my appt wrong and didn't allow enough time or he has an emergency and i have to make another appt to have the bridge cut out when in truth he just didn;t want to do it. I caught on that this guy has a serious ego problem and unless your telling him how great and wonderful he is (which he does quite often himself) he wants nothing to do with you or your problems. I am afraid to have him work on me again as i am convinced he hurt me on purpose last time but I can not afford to go to another dentist and my insurance is no help at all they just say I have to give him a chance to correct the problem.. I also have no idea how to contact the dental board?
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I feel your pain. I'm on bridge #2 in less than two years. The first bridge was installed too tight and I could't floss under it. I was cutting my gums with the floss there was no space. I got a bad infection. That bridge had to be removed. The new one does not fit well and is full of gaps. I am in constant pain. I'm now off on a referral to a new dentist for a root canal. I'm now on round three of antibiotics. The new dentist really wants me to get another new bridge but I honestly can't afford it. Sadly i've lost a lot of money and have suffered from pain for far too long. Three bridges in less than two years? What the hell is wrong with this picture?
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