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Impacted wisdom tooth

Hey I really need help, not to long ago I started having alot of pain on my bottom left wisdom tooth then shortly after i started having pain on my left side of my ear & neck then i noticed my left side of my neck was swelling, i went to the dentist and he told me that my wisdom tooth was impacted and that I would have to see an oral surgeon to get them removed because they were to hard to get at and it would cost me 250 dollars a tooth. I cant afford to get them removed right now so he prescribed me antibiotics. On my 4th day of the antibiotic out of 7 days. I started having the worse cramps ive ever had so bad that it almost put me in tears so i stopped taking the antibiotic, I couldnt crap for 2 days then I started craping blood, nothing but blood and the pain was so bad I couldnt eat or sleep the cramps would leave for abit then come back. I went to the hospital and they put me on an IV and did some blood work, My blood came back good my counts were good. pain went away a few days later and i stopped bleeding. its been about 3 months since all of this happend and the swelling on the left side of my neck never went away & the swelling didnt go down, hower the pain was gone untill recently the pain came back. My neck hurting and my jaw is aking & my wisdom tooth is sensitive

Is any of this normal?

my questions are
1) Is the left side of my neck swollen because of the infected impacted wisdom tooth?
2) is the pain in my ear and neck from the impacted wisdom tooth?
3) why did I get the cramps and bloody stool? was it from the antibiotic?
4) should I get another prescription to antibiotic
5) if i take antibiotics will the swelling in my neck go away?

since the pain has come back ive noticed that everytime I smoke a cig the pain in my neck gets worse is this normal? is the neck pain and swollen neck related to the infected tooth?
if i take antibiotics will i be able to smoke?
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