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Implant Crown feels tight

I just had an implant crown put in 2 months after the intital impressions were taken. Since my teeth shifted slightly since the intial impressions were taken the crown fits very tight and i feel slight pressure. My question is will that pressure cause the adjacent teeth to noticably shift or cause other problems with the posts or surrounding teeth? Is this pressure normal?  Thanks Mike
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Hi, yes some pressure can occur with with new crowns and ive experienced it myself but  maybe the crown points are to tight up against the other teeth. Can you floss ok?
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I can get floss through it although its tight. The dentist says this is normal and this pressure will go away within 3 or 4 days. What im worried about though is that it will cause the teeth that the crown is applying pressure to to shift. Also will this pressure cause harm to the posts. Maybe im comcerned about nothing but i dont want my healthy teeth too shift. Any thoughts?
Thanks Mike
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