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Implant or Bridge?

I’m 35 and just fractured #9 while vacationing in Hawaii for my birthday last week (not fun). I saw the dentist this morning and She discouraged me from getting a bridge. Long story short, I just went on vaca, my fiance’s going to Denmark in May and we’re getting married in Mexico next March. I don’t think I have the dough to get an implant but I don’t want to make a poor choice based on needing money down the road….although getting married is extremely important, what do I do??

BTW, the dentist I saw in Hawaii didn’t even take x-rays! He said “is it boke” i said yes he said “what do you want me to do take an x-ray just to tell you what you already know? not sure if that’s good or not….then he pulled my tooth back into position with a round stick thing (my tooth had dropped significantly ouch!) and cemented it to the adjacent teeth.

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You could look into a two unit bridge.  Possibly crowning #8 and add an abutment for #9 as it sounds like it may need extraction. There is a risk no matter what you go with.  Implants are not a sure thing and they can be rejected for various reasons.

I would go for a second opinion and have an x-ray taken first, you need to know what is going on under the gingiva.

Some people have had a Maryland Bridge seated and they work fine for them.  The one I mentioned was a  two unit cantilever bridge.

I am including a link explaining bridges a bit better.

Hope you feel better soon and all works out..


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   It's ill advised to get a crown placed on a fractured tooth. A three unit bridge affects two healthy teeth, the tooth in front of the fractured one, and the tooth in the back of it. You're talking about a very esthetic area, right in the front of your mouth, so if you can manage, I too advise you to get a dental implant. I have two myself and am really happy with them.
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well first of all the FIRST thing that should have been done was an xray to see if ther was nerve damage......i would advise GET ANOTHER DENTIST ASAP!

i dont understand what you mean by "then he pulled my tooth back into position with a round stick thing (my tooth had dropped significantly ouch!) and cemented it to the adjacent teeth"

he just shoved it back into the gums? and glued it there?....if so that will do no good and the tooth will probably die, then you will have to get a root canal and a crown.....

you could get a crown done to that tooth ( will shave down tooth abd add a cap to the top, kinda like a bridge but just a single tooth instead of 3 teeth), an implant would be great but it is expensive, a bridge could be done, but why drill down 2 other good teeth?.....

if i were you i would deff see another dentist that take xrays and gives you proper treatment,.,,,,

dental assisnt and  in school to be a dental hygienist
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