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Infection after root canal in a few days?

I had the final stage of root canal 4 days ago. Today is the 4th days. Within 24 hours after the final stage, my tooth is having constant dull ache and sometimes throbbing if I move too sudden. One the second day, the pain is still there but it is lessen as I took painkillers. Went back to the dental clinic, another dentist gave me painkillers and send me off. We are approaching a wait and see method.

On the 3rd day, I woke up with lesser pain even when I press on the tooth. But my gum is puffy. I suspect the infection or etc is drained out from the tooth therefore the tooth ache is lessen. Called up my dentist and she told me to come back and she will have a look. I went back, she didn't take look but gave me the strongest painkillers and antibiotics. Which I don't understand why. Isn't antibiotics just a temporary solution??? She said that it was properly just inflammation. But please, I don't experience this after having stage 1 and 2 done. So depressing to see this happening when I'm paying more than $1,000SGD.

I'm going back to see her today for my braces adjustment. Will make sure to get a proper answer from her about why this is happening.

Is it possible to have a flare up after the last stage of root canal? Do you think it is infected?

I'm just afraid that the same things is gonna happen if I completed my antibiotics.
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After a tooth has a root canal there is no nerve, nothing to hurt. Call or go back to the Endodontist or your Dentist, he probably left some nerve. This was 3 days ago, you probably already went back. That pain is relentless.
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My mouth is a war zone now. Throat infection and ulcer. Lol.
Anyway, i went back to the dentist yesterday for braces adjustment, she told me to come back for a free retreatment if my tooth is still hurting after antibiotics.

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