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Infection after wisdom teeth extraction?

I had my two bottom wisdom teeth removed by general surgery 4 days ago. They were coming in sideways and impacted. The crown of both teeth were under the tooth in front. Before removal I had many small infections on both sides over a few months.
There wasn't a lot of bleeding after the surgery and I seemed to recover pretty fast at first. 
I have felt sick in my stomach almost constantly since returning home from the hospital and I have a fever (unsure of temperature) and chills. My head feels like it is burning up and I have a horrible head ache almost continually. I have been quiet dizzy and light headed and I still have some substantial swelling around the extraction site and cheeks. ALL of my teeth are sensative and aching, top and bottom. My jaw joint is incredibly painful as is the rest of my bottom jaw. All my stiches are still in place but I do get the occasional bad taste in my mouth from the extraction sites. 
I have completed the course of antibiotics that I was prescribed after the surgery and the anti-inflamatories and panadine fort I was prescribed have done nothing more than make me feel ill. I have been cleaning my teeth and rinsing with salty water. I don't smoke and I have been sticking to soft food and no hot drinks. 
Is it possible I have an infection? If so what can I do to relieve my pain? I know I will have to see my dentist but I want to know what I am in for ( I'm not keen on having to have my face cut open again )

I have taken/tried:
Diclocenac (sandoz doclocenac) 50mg tablets - 1 after food when needed, 3 times a day
Paracetamol - Codine (Panadeine Forte) 500mg - 30mg tablet - 1 four times a day when required
Amoxycillin (Sandoz Amoxycillin) 500mg capsules - 1 threes times a day until finished
Gentle brushing with soft brush
Rinsing with salty water
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