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Infection of Gum & Throat comes back after Extraction - Need Help

I've been on antibiotics 3 X, every time I'm done, infection comes back, even after tooth extraction. Please see details below, I need your opinion. Thank You...

Started with Left sore throat, then Gum Pain & hard white painful bump near #17 wisdom tooth. Got severe, hard to swallow, chew, painful.  My reg. Dentist Rx'd Amoxicillin - took 6 days to start working. After swelling went down,did x-ray, he could not find any problem -tooth not abcessed. He thought it was odd that antibiotic took so long to work.

He said if it came back, to see oral surgeon, with better x-ray equipment.

4 days after Amoxicillin, pain came back. Started same way, sore Left side throat, red swollen gum around the tooth, hard white bump, ? Fistula - maybe a piece of bone, painful.  Made appt w/ Oral Surg, Rx'd more Amoxicillin, which eventually helped swelling go down.  At appt., did x-ray, not catscan. He did not see anything wrong. But, on physical exam of the wisdom tooth, thought he found crack in tooth, below gumline. He said that's probably why infection keeps coming back, bacteria is constantly getting into gum.

So, oral surg Rx'd more Amoxicillin, will Extract in a week.
Went fine, with no drugs.  He didn't tell me if tooth was in fact cracked, and I did not ask.

Check Up- no dry socket, instructed how to rinse area with syringe with Rx rinse.

Week later, I spit out mall blood clots. Next day, sore throat. Next day, a hard, painful white bump showed up under where tooth was, gum red, swollen, painful. Next day I inspected area, Left side red throat & uvula with white spots.

Called Oral Surg -said it sounds like throat and tooth infection are 2 seperate issues - but I do not think so - I do not have any cold symp, only the Left Side throat is sore, within inch of infected gum. Rx'd Augmentin & Diflucan.
Today is 3rd day on Augmentin, starting to work - still sore, red.
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It may not be a bad idea to see an ENT to get a second opinion
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I have had dental abscesses before and clindamycin or avelox worked well for me. Hope the augmentin works, but if it doesn't try to get your Dr. to prescribe one of those two. Good luck.
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I have almost same issue. But after extraction of right bottom wisdom and tooth in front of it. The usual swelling of right cheek, moved to under my chin to back of jaw. It is giving me almost more pain than if teeth were still there...
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So i might prefer a profesional, and that i do state profesional (as all most all are) good female doctor Internest. And since she's going to be profesional, there's no embarasment for either party.

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