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Invisalign for deep bite?

I am a confused case of multiple orthodentaltreatments.

I first gotmy braces done when i was 12 years old- at that time doctor took 4 of my teeth out.
but after that my smile resulted in deep bite and inverted upper & lower teeth.

few years back after coming to US & learning about 'perfect smiles' etc, and after recomendation from my genral dentist.

I decided to see dentist who convinced me to go fo invisalign to cure my deep bite & moderate overcrowding on lower front teeth. i went thru the treatment -with 15 aligners for top & 14 for bottom - trusting my dentist blindly. after that he made me wear retainers for 1 whole year. but the result was only straightening of myfront teeth -- no nothing whatso ever change to my deep bite -and more discomfort chewing etc --- i have tried to contact him several times to discuss issues -but he says treatment is done- done deal! he charged me $6800 at that time + xrays etc.
now for the first time he is saying - oh you know what- you need refinements- another few thousand dollars and you'll be good .
but i don't know --- what can i do?
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The first thing is that Invisalign is just a tool, like many other tools we have in our armamentariium , I appreciate having many tools because no one tool can solve all problems.. unfortunately it seems to me that more than anything here there is a bit of mis communication more ta  anything.. isn't that always the case?
Invisalign is a good tool but it would not be a good one for fixing your deep bite, it is good for just what you had correcting crowding , and that is just dental movement, just moving teeth, what you need is an orhtopedic move and then correction of the teeth, to be honest you need to see a very experienced orhtodontist who also undestands TMJ disorders, whether you feel it or not your Jaw joint can not be in the right place either..

As far as refinement, had been done less than 6 months after the finish of the case there should have been no charge for it, now there will be , by the way according to stats from the company more than 80% of the cases need refinement..
I am sorry you have had a negative experience with a colleague but you can not stop , knock on many doors and find out more info, All we can do from here is to help you navigate through that info.

good luck.
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