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Is SRP too aggressive for me?

I recently asked about sensitivity in an old filling and dentist said I have no visible decay around filling and either is a micro crack that will get better with time, or the filling is leaking slightly.  

However, due to not being to the doc in yrs. I have accumulated funk on my teeth that I am not proud of.  I have already made radial changes including oral irrigation and ordering a sonic toothbrush.  However, doc indicated I need SRP and I am a little skeptical.  I have my Xrays and perio chart.  No bone loss, chart shows 122 sites at 1-3mm, and 46 sites at 4mm, nothing over 4.  When I went to the dentist, I originally wanted cleaning and checkup but hygienist was back logged so I did not get cleaned before checkup.  A friend said a good cleaning should be done BEFORE running right to SRP.  I am not going to forgo if I need it but I am questioning if that is really needed if I can get back on my regular cleanings and fix home care.  

I have images but cannot upload here. Can anyone share opinion on this?
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Ya, that's a judgement call because you're somewhat borderline on your periodontal evaluation results.  We normally like to see 1-3mm pockets and nothing above that.  A 4mm pocket isn't too bad and a regular dental cleaning may take care of it.  You may want to ask the dentist if a regular dental cleaning is possible and then a re-evaluation at 6 months to see how the gum health is at that time.

Sometimes a debridement is done prior to SRP due to the heavy amount of calculus and the benefits of removing the tartar to be able to do a better examination since the tartar covers up the teeth, etc.  

Unfortunately I'm not able to do your radiographic and clinical exam so I can't give you a great solid answer.  But if you're not comfortable with the recommendation, you may want to discuss with your dentist more thoroughly until you're comfortable with the treatment recommendations.

Hope that helps some.
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