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Is a temporary crown supposed to hurt?

I had a small crack in a molar that was more of an annoyance than painful.  The dentist said the tooth looked fine on the x-ray and all it needed was a crown. Easy peasy he said.  So, they did their thing and put a temporary crown on.  It's been 7 days and it's been hurting ever since, much worse than the cracked tooth did.  It has lessened somewhat, but eating on that side is impossible.  It hurts my gums to floss around it, but brushing is OK. I don't feel any "zings", it's just an ache whenever I bite down on anything.  It hurts the most when I wake up, I'm assuming from clenching my teeth while I sleep.  I've been taking motrin/tylenol around the clock and the pain does subside as long as I don't chew on that side. I know they did a lot of prep work on the tooth, but is it supposed to hurt off and on like this??  I wasn't given any instructions....   I have another 2 weeks until the permanent should be in.  
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The word that has been "starred out" was NOT a swear word.
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Responding to your question depends quite a bit on YOUR definition of pain. What could be painful to you, may just be a mild discomfort to someone else.
I have had quite a few crowns and my experience with each of them has been different.
I did have one that caused quite a lot of pain all the time and my dentist had me come back in. He removed the temp and did some "fine tuning" on it and the problem was solved.  
Being a teeth clincher myself, I can definitely tell you that doing that on a temp crown can bring on some eye watering pain.
I would advise discussing this with your dentist since you still have nearly 2 weeks to wait for the permanent crown.
Crowns can cause a great deal of discomfort, but they shouldn't cause pain.
I really wish you luck. Tooth pain *****!
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