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Is it OK to place dental implants?

A short time ago my braces were removed. On the place where one tooth was missing, they placed a Maryland Bridge. I preferred a dental implant, but they said I could better wait a while because of my age. I am a 17 year old boy. The missing tooth I am talking about is located in the upper jaw between the front and the canine tooth on the (from my perspective) left side.

I had the following questions:
My teeth would be able to change position in a couple of years, what would cause my implant to have a different position compared to my other teeth. But I am wearing a retainer every night to keep my teeth in place. With that retainer, my teeth can't change position, can they?
If I would be fully grown, I could place a dental implant. How do I know if I am fully grown?
When I would decide to place a dental implant, could I replace it if it doesn't look good anymore because I placed it too early?
What would happen in the worst case if I decide to place a implant? Can it really do that much harm?
The reason I would prefer to place a dental implant already is because I am scared that my Maryland Bridge will break (I am really careful while eating and brushing my teeth because it broke earlier) and according to my orthodontist the bone on a place where the tooth is missing will disappear more and more. If I would place it right now, I could immediately place it. If I wait longer I need a bone graft.
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24 years old is considered skeletal maturity for male in general. Seeing an implantologist to evaluate your dentition is advised. No need to worry falling off Maryland bridge, if it comes out, the worst scenario is recementation, no big deal.
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