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Is it an abcess?

I was perfectly fine and I went to eat a piece of steak and a piece of the grissle went between my teeth and pushed down on the gum, it sent a real sharp pain. it started hurting then.  i woke up the next day and there was some cheek swelling so i went to the e..r and they gave me 500 mg amoxy's

My question is, there is no boil, the swelling is almost gone its just barely there a little bit and this is the third day but the pain is there. its not a throb pain its more of an achy pain.

I can't get into my dentist until end of october as they are completely booked up.  Should it be gone by now/ Is it an abcess even though there is no fever, no throbbing, no hot n cold sensativity, only some achy feeling, which is worse at night and very mild swelling that has went down significantly in the past 2 days
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Can someone please help me, also the tooth si not tender to the touch
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Hi.. It may be a simple trauma. Just observe for few days. If you get a pain on lying down or if the pain increases on sleeping, it is time to visit your dentist.

Also check if the pain is radiating towards your ear and the same part of the head. No need to panic though.

Hope it helps. Get back to me if still in doubt.

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