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Is it possible for a tooth abscess to not reflect on x-rays?

My dentist took an x-ray of my mouth and found no sign of a tooth abscess, even though when she drilled the infected tooth (which had a filling), there was a foul smell, indicating an abscessed tooth.

There is also a swelling below my left jaw, and it is difficult to swallow and open my mouth.

The dentist didn't explain much regarding why the x-Ray didn't reflect the tooth abscess. When we asked about the swelling in my jaw, she answered (rather uncertainly) maybe, it was because of trauma?
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Radiographic image may not reveal early periapical infection or necrotic pulp. However, if clinical symptom is present and suggestive of periapical and/or pulpal pathology, pulp vitality test and/or thermal test is warranted to confirm a clinical diagnosis.
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scottma,  Thank you VERY much for your comment. Please, please tell me research references (published in journals?) for your information. A car accident long ago smacked the right side of my head.  Root canal infections started later. In spite of intense pain, dentists (high level) in Japan insisted there was no problem because nothing showed on x-rays. Then, several times, the various infections burst into my mouth or nasal passages. The nasal infection was undetected for years. I developed massive health problems. After a CT scan showed the nasal passages filled with gunk, I got a root canal treatment and took antibiotics. It's happening again & again they said "Nothing on x-rays so no problem." PLEASE give me some research information.  Louise
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