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Is it possible to have viral infection (herpes) on gum?

I have some small white circle on my gum. Went to a doctor and was told that herpes don't appear on gum but only the lip. But I do remember getting cold sore in my nose before.

I do found some website saying that herpes do appear on gum but rarely.
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Herpes lesion generally doesn’t appear on gingiva, if it’s primary herpes, it presents as generalized gingivitis, instead of vesicles.
I went to seek help from a dentist yesterday. Took an X-ray, was confirmed that there is no issues with my tooth but the gum at that area is unhealthy. He cleaned up that area and there's lots of blood. He prescribed me mouth wash. He said it was some gum inflammation. Is it possible to have small dots or ulcer on gum that was inflamed? The dentist doesn't seems that concern bout those small spots on gum. I was thinking if it was some kind of infection but when I mentioned it to the dentist, he said kinda of but antibiotics is not needed.

I'm just afraid that it will not get better. Perhaps it was my gum line that was banded with molar band that was dirty therefore causing inflammation.  
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