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Is my gum boil caused by pulp or gum?

I am in trouble with two molars: tooth 14 and 15. Tooth 14 has a deep pocket measured 10mm. Tooth 15 has a gum boil on the inner side of the gum (the side of tongue ). Tooth 14 is not reacting to cold but tooth 15 is still sensitive to cold.
About the cause of gum boil, I got different opinions from two dentists: 1. It is due to deep pocket in tooth 14 and suggest 14 to be pulled. 2. It is due to dead pulp of 15. Tooth 14 and 15 need root canal and tooth 14 need gum surgery to remove the pocket.
I am a bit confused about who was right on the gum boil. I cannot see infection of root of tooth 15 on X-ray as in many abscess X-rays. Besides, tooth 15 is still alive. The second dentist said the infection is on the inner root of the tooth 15 which cannot be seen from X-ray. But the boil is on tooth 15, so it is hard for me to believe the first dentist also.

Could some one give me some hints on this? Thanks  a lot.
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Palatal abscess of tooth #15 caused by buccal periodontal infection of tooth#14 is an unlikely Event in clinical setting. In order to confirm the source of abscess, placement of a piece of gutta percha in the abscess and taking a radiographic image is a common practice in dentistry. Seeing a periodontist and endodontist is advised.
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