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Is the infection from my abscess spreading?

Have had very bad teeth for 4 years now because of not being able to find a dentist around here that takes my insurance...anywho went to the dentist recently for swelling in my face about 2 weeks ago he said he didnt like the looks of it but was unable to pull the infected tooth due to not being specialized in whatever so gave me antibiotics and sent an urgent report to a nearby hospital that claims they can't see me for another 6 months now after 2 weeks of antibiotics and the swelling going down I woke up to the whole side of my face from jaw to eye being swollen,throwing up and my nose is stuffed up. I'm not in any pain though just really sick is this from the abscess spreading or am I just catching cold on top of everything?
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Also forgot to add ear is draining and there was severe pain in nose and jaw before the swelling occurred mouth only hurts if I bite down fully
Seen emergency dentist today infection spread now on 2 antibiotics one to boost the other... teeth were removed will be going back to the dentist every couple days now until swelling goes down but alot of pressure has been relieved ready to get teeth all done and feel normal again
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